Kudos for Jira - User Guide

Enable and configure the Kudos functionality for a project

There are 2 ways to enable Kudos for a project. If you haven’t enabled it before, you will be able to do this by just clicking on the Kudos menu item on the project sidebar. A welcome dialog will be displayed as below:

Just click Enable Now and all project users will be to give kudos to others immediately with the default options. If you want to customize how the kudos badges look like, you can click on the Customize button and you will be redirected to the Kudos Configuration screen for the project.

The Kudos functionality is enabled automatically after the Customize button is clicked.

Currently, you can add or remove existing badges (levels) to a project.

To create a new badge, you will need to navigate to the Manage Badges page located on the Manage apps admin screen.

This screen can also be accessed via the Kudos Configuration link in the left navigation bar on the Project settings page

Give kudos to Jira users

Once the Kudos functionality for a project is enabled, you can give kudos to a user or even a group of users from different views in Jira:

Issue view

  • Click the Give Kudos button located on the left of the More button to begin:

    Give Kudos button on the Issue View screen
    • Select the appropriate level (i.e. value) that applies for this kudos, e.g. Ambassador in this case, and click the Next button:

    • Select at least one recipient (the default recipient is the assignee but you can change to any other users), and finally click the Send button:

    • Congratulations, a kudos has been sent to the recipient. The recipient should receive a notification email about this kudos.

Kudos view

You can go to Kudos view by clicking on the Kudos button on the project sidebar. There should be a Give Kudos button at the top right corner of the screen. The following Give Kudos dialog will be opened if the button is clicked:

A user can then choose an appropriate badge (level) and click the Next button to proceed:

The user can choose an (optional) issue to give more context about the kudos being given, and select any number of recipients as below (then click the Send button to send the kudos to the recipients)

Manage Badges

On this page, the system administrator can add a new badge representing a kudos by clicking on the Add Badge card. The system administrator can then choose a icon, a name and a score for this badge, and click Save to add it to the repository. Existing badges can also be updated. The badges however cannot be removed once added.

Kudos Board



Kudos Feed