How to migrate CSAT data from Server to Cloud

Before migrate CSAT:

You need to migrate core Jira data of a project with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and make sure project key in Jira cloud is the same with project key in Jira Server.


In Jira Server:

We recommend that CSAT data is exported from the latest version of CSAT on Server/Data Center.

Go to Manage AppsCSAT Cloud Migration.

Select a project and click Export. Please make sure you have CSAT data in that project.

A dialog will appear after collecting CSAT data. Click Download to download file.

Please extract the zip file and you will receive csat-migration-data.csv

Then, go to Jira cloud.

In Jira Cloud:

Please make sure you have done migration core Jira data and turn on CSAT in migrate project.

After everything is done, go to AppsManage your Apps CSAT Import. You will see this page.

Click choose file and import csat-migration-data.csv and don’t forget to check the checkbox below, then click Migrate button. CSAT will migrate the data. Please wait until the progress bar is complete.

Warning Notes important

Special cases: During the migrate process, Some special cases may occur:





Cannot find issue in Jira instance

The survey for that issue will be ignore

Cannot find recipient with email address

Will get recipient based on current CSAT configuration. In another case, the recipient will be reporter of issue

Error cases:

Error with message



Error with message



The file is empty

The CSV file is empty

Please double check CSV file and re-export CSAT data from CSAT server.

CSAT custom field is missing. Please check CSAT custom fields exists or not.

Cannot find CSAT custom field in Jira instance

Please contact to admin to double check CSAT custom field in Jira instance.

CSV file has incorrect format

The CSV file is incorrect format. This error occur when CSV file is missing fields. Your CSAT Server version maybe is not latest version

Please upgrade CSAT Server to latest version and re-export CSAT data.

Please migrate project and issues before migrate data csat!

Cannot find project in Jira instance

Please double check if project exists in Jira instance. Make sure project was migrated with  Jira Cloud Migration Assistant .

Please enable csat config for project that you want to migrate!

CSAT configuration is empty.

Go to Project and select Satisfaction to enable CSAT.