Manager's Guide

How to quickly analyze your customer satisfaction survey data


This is your overall Customer Satisfaction Score. From the image below we see that you have an average of 39% for your project. By itself, this number doesn’t tell you much.

On the right you will see that your team received 100% response rate from 6789 reviews on the past 14 days, which tells you that the statistic is reliable.

But the key to analyzing this data is to dig one level deeper.

Below this you will see how satisfied are your customer over time. Try and find if there are any patterns here. In some cases you might find that your customers are particularly upset when you kept them waiting for too long on Monday.

Team Leaderboard

Here you could look at the distribution of survey scores by employee:

Now, you see that Betty Young may need some extra help.

All Feedback

You could also look at the distribution of survey scores by the type of service request:

In this particular example, it reveals that Network Infrastructure & Stories are generally great, but Bugs and Application Support leaves something to be desired.

If Betty gets a Application or Bug support call, your customers wont be satisfied.

Before you fire Betty Young or stop offering application support, you may want to dig deeper still. The goal should be finding the true root cause of the problem.

One way to do this is to hone in on surveys where customers gave Application Support an unsatisfactory survey score. Can you spot some themes among their comments?

A theme or two should emerges. The feedback comments suggest that customers give low scores for technical support when they get the runaround or the support rep doesn’t appear to be highly competent.

Now you should have the root cause of the problems after just a few minutes of observation. 

Easy way to identify the root cause of customer pain

On the All Feedback Page, clicking on the ticket number will show you the details of the JIRA ticket

Here you can drill down on all the comments, work log, history or activities that happened on the ticket

Common themes:

  • Problem not resolved! I’ve had to call back three times.
  • It took way too long to get a simple issue resolved!
  • The guy didn’t seem to know what he was doing.
  • I got transferred twice before someone could help me.
  • The reporter seemed confused and overwhelmed.

Common team challenges:

  1. They feel pressured to solve problems quickly to meet the department standard for SLA.
  2. This pressure causes them to take shortcuts to maintain the SLA standard.
  3. These shortcuts frequently lead them to transfer a call too quickly or misunderstand a customer's needs because they aren’t listening carefully.
  4. The most inexperienced rep, Jose, has a particularly hard time with this.

4 steps to improve your customer satisfaction

Turn upset customers to champions.

  1. Happy agents = happy customers
  2. Setup Critical Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  3. Setting up Automation rules
  4. Provide self help with Knowledge articles