Advance Survey Trigger (JQL)

Filter by JQL

JQL filtering option for you to target a group of recipients. e.g. Issuetype != Development, Component = Support, Labels = Important, etc...


  1. Select the Jira project that you want to configure CSAT

  2. Click on CSAT button on left navigation

  3. Click on Configure CSAT


  4. Filter by JQL allows you to choose the conditions of the tickets you want to send the survey. e.g issuetype=task tells CSAT survey to send the surveys to tickets that are task issuetype


Example 1

1 status=resolved AND assignee=captainjoe

Example 2

1 issuetype in (Improvement, "New Feature", Story, Support) AND status = Resolved

Use Jira Issue search to validate your jql results before copying and pasting into CSAT Filter by JQL box