How to create a support zip for NPS


Please try to reproduce the issue first. Then generate the support zip file afterwards.

1) Set the TRACE or DEBUG logging level for the following packages:

  • com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.listeners

  • com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.web.actions

  • com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.manager

  • com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.manager.schedule

  • com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.activeobjects.repository

  • com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.service


  • com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.job

2) Go to Jira Setting > System > Troubleshooting and support tools (under System support)

3) We only need 4 items:

  • Jira configuration files

  • Tomcat configuration files

  • Jira application logs

  • Tomcat logs

Please uncheck the other items to minimize the zip file size.

4) Click Generate/Create Zip button at the bottom