Customer Satisfaction for Jira Cloud

Customer satisfaction or CSAT is a key performance indicator that tracks how satisfied customers are with an organization’s products and/or services.

How we capture information from JIRA or JIRA Service Desk

CSAT survey operates on JIRA/JIRA Service Desk project. Now we can capture a Customer Satisfaction response after each ticket, which helps us diagnose how well we resolved problems, and gives another benchmark in our internal team.

How it works.

After a ticket is set to Resolved, JIRA sends a mail to the person who triggered the ticket with information that it is Resolved. In this email, we send out an CSAT survey to capture their feedback.

Using this technique we are able to integrate all the details of the reporter and the ticket to the related Reporter feedback at the moment the Reporter takes the survey.

This then becomes a “Transactional” touchpoint added into our system (this already contains the “Relational” touchpoint data).


You don't want to send email surveys? 

Use In-context (within Jira ticket rating).


We report all the CSAT responses into the "all feedback" page and providing admins with an overview of how your team performing overtime.


Drilling down problem areas (by rating, by customer, by assignee, by issue type, by component) 


Check Engagement


Team Leaderboard