CSAT Engagement

Engagement tab is placed to display issues which have condition to give feedback or delete the feedback based on date range selection.

A user has some actions, such as: resending an e-mail survey; deleting a feedback; searching the issue by JQL.

·       Resending an email

If the recipient hadn’t given feedback about the issue yet, a user would have clicked on the Resend button.

The Jira will send an email survey to recipient for giving feedback.

·       Deleting

If the admin want to delete CSAT feedback of the issue, user can click on delete button. For example delete fourth row (issue key is MP-1).

Note: In case user want to rate the issue again, user can delete feedback on Engagement tab and reopen the issue for re-rate feedback.

·       Searching issue by JQL

Searching an issue key with issue = “MP-10”.

Searching the reporter who gives feedback about that issue with reporter = “Nha Huynh”.