How to enable logging for NPS plugin

Step-by-step guide

Set the DEBUG logging level for the following packages: 

  1. com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.listeners

  2. com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.web.actions

  3. com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.manager

  4. com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.manager.schedule

  5. com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.activeobjects.repository

  6. com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.service


  8. com.candylio.jira.plugins.nps.job

To change the logging level, please follow the instruction below (extracted from this Logging and Profiling page)

  1. Choose > System

  2. Select Troubleshooting and Support > Logging & Profiling to open the Logging page, which lists all defined log4j categories (as package names) and their current logging levels.

  3. To change logging level of a category, click linked logging level associated with the relevant package name. To turn off logging of a category, click the 'OFF' link associated with the relevant package name.

Generate the support zip file that contains the log

Go to    > System > Troubleshooting and support tools (under System support)

Basically, we only need 4 items:

  1. Jira configuration files

  2. Tomcat configuration files

  3. Jira application logs

  4. Tomcat logs

Please uncheck the other items to minimise the zip file size. Then click the Generate button at the bottom.

Once done, please attach the support zip to the support ticket (please raise a new one here if you haven't done that)

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