# put any key/value pairs here
jira.csat.project.admin.label=Customer Satisfaction
jira.csat.project.admin.title=Customer Satisfaction Survey

# Dashboard
jira.csat.project.dashboard.license.expired=The license for the Customer Satisfaction Survey for JIRA is missing or expired. You can no longer access this dashboard. navigate to Add-ons update the license.
# Configuration
jira.csat.project.admin.config.title=Configure Customer Satisfaction Survey
jira.csat.project.admin.config.desc=Send satisfaction surveys to your customers after every support interaction Alias Subject Body
jira.csat.project.admin.config.trigger.event=Trigger Event
jira.csat.project.admin.config.trigger.event.description=You can choose when the satisfaction surveys are sent to customers, simply tell us which JIRA workflow event to trigger this.
jira.csat.project.admin.config.rating.type.label=Rating Type
jira.csat.project.admin.config.rating.type.description=Please choose the desired rating type or even customise the current one.
jira.csat.project.admin.config.rating.section.label=Rating Section
jira.csat.project.admin.config.rating.section.description=You can embed this section anywhere in the email body with $ratingSection
jira.csat.project.admin.config.button.dashboard=Back to Dashboard Logo\! You have updated the survey configuration for this project successfully\!
jira.csat.project.admin.survey.enabled.message=The survey has been enabled
jira.csat.project.admin.survey.disabled.message=The survey has been disabled
jira.csat.project.admin.config.option.advanced=Advanced Options
# View Issue Details page
jira.csat.view.issue.csat.label=Customer Satisfaction

csat.error.invalid.input=Invalid rating number
csat.webpanel.content= - "{0}" - {1} Rate Rate Searcher
jira.csat.rate.searcher.desc=Provides the custom field searcher for the survey Rating Date Rating Date Searcher the custom field searcher for the survey

jira.csat.rating.comment.required.placeholder=We are sorry about your bad experience with our service\! Please give your suggestion to improve our service.
jira.csat.rating.comment.placeholder=You can tell us how you feel about this request so that we can continuously improve our service\! Comment Comment Searcher
jira.csat.rating.comment.searcher.desc=Provides the custom field searcher for the CSAT comment further comment. Rating
jira.csat.rating.error.comment.required=You have given a bad rating. Please enter a comment.
jira.csat.rating.button.dashboard=Back to Dashboard
jira.csat.rating.close.button=Close Recipient Recipient Searcher
jira.csat.recipient.searcher.desc=Provides the custom field searcher for the CSAT recipient.

#Error messages
csat.error.token.not.generated=The token was not generated for this JIRA issue due to some security reasons. Please check if the project permission has been configured properly. feedback could not be saved. Please check if the plugin has been installed properly. token data is invalid
csat.error.token.invalid=Invalid feedback token
csat.error.rating.invalid=Invalid rating score
csat.error.comment.invalid=Invalid comment
csat.error.jql.invalid=Invalid JQL
csat.error.emailSubject.empty=Please enter the email subject
csat.error.emailsender.notvalid=Cant not find the email {0} in the JIRA. Please enter the exist email.

csat.error.token.not.found=Token not found

csat.error.custom.field.not.found=Feedback custom fields were not found\! Something went wrong with your satisfaction survey email. send the error reason below to or raise a request via reason specified. Alignment Report Score Rate Chart Leaderboard Feedback Feedback to CSV Score comments Type

jira.csat.rating.double.check=Please double check and update the rating score below
jira.csat.rating.success.message=You have updated your rating successfully\!

# Email email was sent by

#Export CSV
jira.csat.export.csv=Export to CSV
jira.csat.export.csv.progress.message=Please wait a few moments while we pull the pieces together
jira.csat.export.csv.success.message=Thank you for your patience\! You can download your CSV now.


#Leaderboard by Member resolved

jira.csat.project.admin.config.button.sendtestemail=Send Test Email test email has been sent to your email address. by JQL
jira.csat.project.admin.config.jql.description=e.g. component \= "Component 1" AND issuetype in (Bug, Improvement, Task) Scheduling the number of surveys per reporter. If a reporter receives several surveys, Email Batching will combine them into a single email.

jira.csat.project.admin.config.comment=Required Comment
jira.csat.project.admin.config.comment.tooltip=Comment required for bad score.

jira.csat.project.view.issue=View Issue by Candylio to Help Center have already given a rating for this ticket you for your feedback\!
jira.csat.project.rating.sharing.message=Sharing your experience with us is extremely helpful.
jira.csat.project.rating.redirect.message=You will be redirected to the dashboard in

jira.csat.project.rating.remaining=The following issues are waiting your feedback\: Frequency Delivery Time Universal Time (UTC) will be used for email scheduling, currently\: an alias to indicate where the survey email is sent from, e.g. Customer Success Team. Leave it blank and the Reporter name will be used. a email sender to indicate where the survey email is sent from, e.g. Leave it blank and the ReporterSave email will be used. select a rating score below

jira.csat.onboarding.welcome.title=Welcome to the CSAT survey dashboard
jira.csat.onboarding.welcome.get.started=To get started, please select your issue status that will trigger the survey email\: Now
jira.csat.onboarding.thanks.title=Congratulations\! The CSAT survey has been enabled.
jira.csat.onboarding.customise.description=You can further customise the email content or set the rule and schedule for sending survey emails in the Configuration screen when clicking the Customise button below.
jira.csat.onboarding.dismiss.button=Dismiss Feedback Admin Options
jira.csat.project.admin.config.permissions.project.role=Project Role
jira.csat.project.admin.config.permissions.role.service.desk.agents=Service Desk Agents
jira.csat.project.admin.config.permissions.role.project.members=Project Members Feedback in Ticket
jira.csat.project.admin.config.permissions.view.dashboard=View Dashboard
jira.csat.project.admin.config.add.user=Add User
jira.csat.administrator.role.warning=Users who have this role can access to all functionality.
jira.csat.administrator.role.description=A project role that represents CSAT administrators in a project. Please do not delete this role or edit its name.

# CSAT type description
jira.csat.type.five.numbers=Numbers Footer

Translation for Rating Page;

You have updated your rating successfullyTwoja ocena została zapisana w systemie!Ha actualizado tu índice de éxito!Il tuo voto è stato registrato correttamente.Вы успешно оценили заявку!
jira.csat.project.rating.thank.youThank you for your feedback!Dziękujemy za odpowiedź !Gracias por tus comentarios!Grazie per avere espresso la tua opinione!Благодарим Вас за отзыв!
jira.csat.project.rating.sharing.messageSharing your experience with us is extremely helpfulTwoja opinia jest dla nas bardzo ważna Compartir su experiencia con nosotros es extremadamente útil.Condividere con noi la tua esperienza ci è utile a migliorare il servizio.Ваши отзывы помогут нам стать еще лучше.
jira.csat.project.rating.redirect.messageYou will be redirected to the dashboard in 1 seconds.Zostaniesz przekierowany na stronę startową systemu HelpDesk. Za 1s
Sarai reindirizzato al cruscotto in 1 secondiВы будете возвращены к рабочему столу через 1 секунд
Back to dashboardPowrót do ekranu systemu HelpDeskVolver a la página de inicioBack to Cruscotto


Please double check and update the rating score below

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