Project permissions are created within permission schemes, which are then assigned to specific projects by JIRA Administrators. Project permissions are able to be granted based on:

  • Individual users
  • Groups
  • Project roles

Note that some permissions are dependent upon others to ensure that users can perform Viewing Feedback in Ticket or View Dashboard. 


  1. Click on Satisfaction icon on the Left Navigation
  2. Choose Permissions tab 
  3. Tick to grant permission to grant access

Multiple Projects or Global Permission

You need to have Jira Administrator permission to perform this


    1. Choose  > Add-ons

    2. Select CSAT Permissions to open the Permission page, which displays a list of all permission in your projects.
    3. Click the 'Grant Permission' button.
    4. In the 'Grant Permission' form, choose Permission, Project and Role to grant permission.
    5. You will return to the 'Permission' page which now contains the newly added scheme.

Global permission access will give the same permission to user or role on every project.